News Splash: Oregon Coast Aquarium’s Oceanscape Network…

WhaleTimes and Oregon Coast Aquarium Bring Ocean Research to the Classroom!

It’s time for kids of all ages to become an ocean explorer, adventurer, and scientist without getting wet! WhaleTimes, Inc. is excited to announce it is expanding its Virtual Research Mission audience by teaming with Oregon Coast Aquarium’s Oceanscape Network!

FBWhaleTimeGrayWhales ONLY USE WITH AQ OR DO NOT SHARE Or use for programWhaleTimes has taken k-7 kids to research sites in Antarctica, California, and the deep sea through our Virtual Research Mission program…and now Oregon Coast is joining us on our next adventures with gray whales and the deep sea!

Oregon Coast Aquarium’s Oceanscape Network (ON) connects young people to science and nature using technology as a bridge. Launched early last year, ON is a free educational resource which allows teachers to build online student communities, facilitate inquiry-based science in their classrooms, and access a variety of natural history resources about the ocean, its species, ecosystems and conservation concerns.

“The concept of bringing field science directly to the classroom via technology is exactly why the Oceanscape Network was created.” said Marsh Myers, the Oregon Coast Aquarium’s Manager of Education Innovation. “Our hope is that this will inspire students to get outdoors, start exploring, and eventually follow in the footsteps of these scientists.”

WhaleTimes Director  Ruth Musgrave adds, “We think Oceanscape Network is the perfect platform to present our Virtual Research Missions to high school kids because it takes advantage of the way kids use technology from videos to fast-paced updates and interaction.”

Welcome aboard Oregon Coast Aquarium!

To learn more or to register visit:

Oregon Coast Aquarium’s Oceanscape Network   or our Virtual Research Mission Program page