The gray whales are here!!!

Courtesy NOAA Email#3 Spyhopping calfsmGray Whales: Celebration of Conservation is here!

More than 500 kids splashed down at the Piedras Blancas Field Station today to become part of the gray whale research with the amazing Dave Weller, Wayne Perryman and the rest of the Science Team from Southwest Fisheries Science Center/NOAA. The folks at the Oregon Coast Aquarium Oceanscape Network and the Rangers from the Depoe Bay Whale Center in Oregon are also joining us!

You can join us, too. Go to the Gray Whales: Celebration of Conservation tab at the top of this page and a drop down menu will appear. We’ll post the scientists and rangers blogs and also provide links to Oceanscape’s whale videos and other activities.

Click here to read the welcome letter.


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