Dolphins and Porpoises

Hi Kids,
Can you tell the difference between a dolphin and a porpoise? Both are whales, but have some distinct differences.

Porpoises: Family Phocoenidae

There are 7  species or kinds of porpoise. Porpoises (like this vaquita) are short and stout. The have a blunt shape to their head. Porpoises have small pointed flippers and a small triangle shaped dorsal fin. Porpoises also have spade-shaped teeth. They tend to be shyer, quieter, and less social than dolphins. Porpoises are generally found alone or with one or two other porpoises.

Dolphins Family Delphinidae

There are 37 species of dolphins. In general, dolphins have longer snouts, called rostrums. Their dorsal fin (the fin on the back) curves back toward the tail. Dolphins have longer thinner bodies than a porpoise. Dolphins teeth are conically shaped teeth–shaped like upside down ice cream cones. Dolphins also tend to be more social and more vocal then porpoises.

Dolphins and porpoises are similar in many ways. They are extremely intelligent whales with large complex brains. Both whales use echolocation to navigate and find food.

Both are amazing and both are beautiful creatures.
See you later,