WhaleTimes and Oregon Coast Aquarium may have started TEAM VAQUITA, but the Team is growing. Here are just a few individuals and organizations helping to raise awareness…

YEAR OF THE VAQUITA brought to you by WhaleTimes, Inc. and Oregon Coast Aquarium.

Help us save vaquita, sea turtles, sharks, and other ocean animals. DEMAND sustainable, traceable seafood.  Read more on our What is Sustainable Seafood? fact sheet.

Learn more about sustainable seafood, vaquitas, totoaba and more on our Save the Vaquita K-5 Activities and Fact Sheet page. Or, for 7-12th grade teachers and students, check out Oregon Coast Aquarium’s Year of the Vaquita pages  


 We thank NOAA’s Southwest Fisheries Science Center, NOAA Fisheries for their technical expertise.

Become part of TEAM VAQUITA? It’s easy. Help us protect vaquita and other ocean animals. When buying or ordering seafood, only eat *sustainably caught seafood. Help us celebrate the Year of the Vaquita (2017) and join us in March for Save the Vaquita Month.

(*Wild caught or farm raised do not necessarily mean sustainable. Both can be, but it is not synonymous with sustainable.)

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