Creep into the Deep 2015! NOAA OER

Mission #1:  July 19-24, 2015 

Research Project: Vision and Bioluminescence in the Deep-sea Benthos II, NOAA Ocean Exploration

Follow the fun July 20-24

Follow the fun July 20-24

Goal: “To discover vision and bioluminescence on the floor of the deep sea. Dr. Tamara Frank

Students study vision and bioluminescence in animals living down to 6562 ft (2000 m) on the Northern West Florida escarpment and the base of the West Florida Escarpment in DeSoto Canyon when they join deep sea scientists, Tamara Frank and Charles Messing (NOVA Southeastern University Oceanographic Center), Edith Widder (Ocean Conservation and Research Association), Sonke Johnsen (Duke University), and Heather Bracken-Grissom (Florida International University).   (Research funded by NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration and Research, award number NA14OAR0110264)