Discovering Deep-Sea Coral Activities

SEAMAIL™:  Discovering Deep-Sea Coral Reef: Learn about the reef, the research, the researchers and more by reading  SeaMails from the science team.

MINI-POSTERS: Meet the Deep-Sea Coral Reef team. WhaleTimes mini-posters introduce you to some of the amazing Science Team Members exploring and studing the deep-sea coral reefs off the coast of Hawaii.

TRADING CARDS:  Create your own set of deep-sea explorer trading cards.

MINI-BOOKS: Make your own deep-sea coral reef books. Print, cut, color, read! It’s easy. Just follow the instructions to make the Deep-Sea Coral Reef Mini-Book or Exploring the Deep-sea Reef — or both!


The research and education activities (as part of the Broader Impacts) is funded by a National Science Foundation Grant:  Defying Dissolution: North Pacific Deep-Sea Scleractinian Reefs in Undersaturated Water (NSF OCE-1851378)