WhaleTimes Publications

WhaleTimes, Inc.  connects kids with the ocean and on-going ocean research in many ways, from classroom visits, live virtual events, curricula, and now, books! WhaleTimes is excited to announce their first book in a series about exciting ocean research in the Gulf of Alaska is out!

Seasons in the Sea: A Year in the Gulf of Alaska

Many know that halibut and red king crab are vital to fishing communities in the Gulf of Alaska. But did you know they depend on a tiny copepod that scientists call Neocalanus flemingeri? 

SEASONS IN THE SEA: A YEAR IN THE GULF OF ALASKA follows these  copeods, along with halibut, sand lance, and red king crabs.

Author Christy Peterson and artist Paul J. Lopez worked closely with Petra H. Lenz (Pacific Biosciences Research Center, University of Hawaii at Manoa) and science team members to bring you a fascinating look into the lives of  Neocalanus flemingeri and other animals that interconnect in the Gulf of Alaksa.*

Lively text and beautiful illustration illuminate these important relationships for young readers. Dive into SEASONS IN THE SEA…right now in this free pdf format!

SEASONS IN THE SEA  is also available for purchase in print and Kindle formats at Amazon.

*Research funded by National Science Foundation grants: OCE-1756767 and OPP-2222376