Celebration of Conservation Seamails and Activities

Celebration of Conservation Virtual Research Mission™

Welcome Teachers. Below are the Seamails from the our Celebration of Conservation Science Team Members. Below each SEAMAIL™ are photos, videos, activities, and Explorer mini-posters (bios) that go with or are related to the Seamail topic. You can pick and choose, mix and match the Seamails, photos, activities…etc. how ever you would like to use them with your class.

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SEAMAIL: Welcome to the Celebration of Conservation from Dr. DAVE WELER

SEAMAIL: Meet Team Gray Whale from Dr. Weller

SEAMAIL: Meet the Long Distance Traveler from Dr. Weller

 SEAMAIL: Gray Whale Babies from Dr. Weller

SEAMAIL: More About Gray Whale Calves

 SEAMAIL: Gray Whale Diet from Dr. Weller

SEAMAIL: Identifying Gray Whales from Dr. Weller

SEAMAIL:  Test your Skills 1: Identify the Gray Whales 

SEAMAIL: Test your Skills 2: Gray Whale Identities

SEAMAIL: Flex the Famous Gray Whale from Dr. Weller

 SEAMAIL: Gray Whales and Climate Change from Dr. Weller



For additional photos , see list of at the end of Elephant Seal Section

SEAMAIL:  Hello From Año Nuevo from Patrick Robinson

SEAMAIL:  Elephant Seal 6967 from Patrick Robinson

SEAMAIL: Elephant Seal 6967 Follow up from Patrick Robinson

SEAMAIL: A Volunteer’s First Day from Patrick Robinson and Tamara Russell

SEAMAIL: Attaching a Satellite Tracking Device on an Elephant Seal from Patrick Robinson

SEAMAIL: How to get an elephant seal pup’s underwater view  from Patrick Robinson

OTHER: Additional photos to use as needed

Activities (all in one place):




Fact sheets and activities:

SEAMAIL:  Vaquita: Shy and in Trouble

SEAMAIL: Watching and Looking for Vaquita

Update June 2017Gearing Up For Live Capture and Breeding to Save and Rebuild the Population