Virtual Research Missions

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From its inaugural deep-sea dive in 2009, WhaleTimes Virtual Research Missions offered a unique way to share ocean research directly with classrooms. WhaleTimes has taken kids to research sites in Antarctica, California, and the deep sea through its Virtual Research Mission Program.

The Virtual Research Missions quickly proved to be a success for kids hungry for satisfying science. It also provided an exciting avenue for teachers eager to find ways to introduce science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) to the classroom.

From its inception, the goals of WhaleTimes’ Virtual Research Missions will:

  1. Raise awareness of ocean research and conservation efforts
  2. Create a connection between the ocean scientist(s) and students
  3. Introduce the complexities of the ocean ecosystem
  4. Inspire students to pursue science, technology, engineering and/or math careers
  5. Provide unique teachable moments in the classroom

Upcoming Virtual Research Missions:

  • Creep into the DEEPEND:  Spring 2017 (for 3-6th grade classrooms) 
  • Celebration of Conservation: Gray Whales, Elephant Seals, & Vaquita: March 2017, Fall 2017  (for 3-6th grade classrooms) 
  • Creep into the DEEPEND Summer Camps:  Summer 2017 (for k-6th grade classrooms) 
  • Celebration of Conservation: Gray Whales, Elephant Seals, & Vaquita Summer Camps:  (for k-6th grade classrooms) 

Space is limited. To enroll or for more information, email us: deepend  at  our website

Recent Missions:

  • Creep into the DEEPEND Summer Camps: Summer 2016
  • Creep into the DEEPEND: Spring 2016
  • Gray Whales: Celebration of Conservation 2015
  • Creep into the Deep: 2015  (NOAA-OE and Nova Southeastern University Cruise)
  • Creep into the DEEPEND Mission 1: September 2015 (DEEPEND cruise)


TEACHERS: GOOD NEWS! The 2016 & 2017 DEEPEND Missions have all been funded by grants! This allows us to waive fees and offer scholarships to classrooms. Space is limited.

For more information, email us: deepend  at  our website

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