WhaleTimes Board of Directors

Musgrave visiting Florida classroom, sharing secrets of the deep sea.

RUTH A. MUSGRAVE Director: Musgrave created WhaleTimes, Inc. in 1995 with a goal of connecting kids to the ocean. Today Musgrave is still the driving force behind WhaleTimes’ creative team. In her usual unusual approach to science, WhaleTimes continues to achieve its goals of connecting kids with ocean animals, research, and the researchers while raising awareness of conservation issues through programs such as the important Save the Vaquita program, Virtual Research Missions, and the wildly popular Hagfish Day.

Musgrave is also an award-winning children’s nonfiction writer known for her entertaining and creative approach. Ruth is the author of 12 books, including MISSION SHARK RESCUE (National Geographic Children’s Books, 2016), EVERYTHING SHARKS (National Geographic Children’s Books, 2011), and board books LOOK OUTSIDE! and BIG CATS (National Geographic Children’s Books, February 2017). Musgrave is also the writer for National Geographic Little Kids Magazine and a frequent contributor to National Geographic Kids Magazine.