Deep-sea Creatures, they’re so transparent!

This lobster larva is just one of the many amazing creatures our Science Team will share with kids around the country during our Creep into the DEEPEND Virtual Research Mission September 28 to October 9.

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Joins WhaleTimes at the DEEPEND, no floaties required!

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Elusive Giant Isopod

Dear Virtual Science Team,

Photo 3 Giant Isopod Creep into the Deep 640 x 433Though we hoped to see many giant isopods so we could learn more about their vision. So far they have eluded us. Maybe on the next ROV dive or maybe the Medusa secretly videoed them dancing and singing after the ROV left!  Wouldn’t that cool?

Dr. Tamara Frank
Chief Scientist and Deep-Sea Explorer
Creep into the Deep Mission:
Bioluminescence and Vision on the Deep Seafloor 2015 Expedition, NOAA-OER

PS Click here to watch a fun video about giant isopods from our friends at the Oregon Coast Aquarium’s Oceanscape Network.