Happy Hagfish Day!

It’s here! The best day of the year, Hagfish Day

WhaleTimes created this day to celebrate the  beauty of ugly!

It’s time to slime. How are you celebrating? Making slime? Sending a hagfish bouquet to a friend?

We’re celebrating by joining Drs Amy Baco-Taylor (Florida State University),  Brendan Roark (Texas A&M), Katie Shamberger (Texas A&M), and the rest of the science team aboard the R/V Kilo Moana as they explore the recently discovered deep-sea coral reefs off the coast of Hawaii.*

WhaleTimes is also joining kids at the Moorcroft Library in Moorcroft, Wyoming to make slime, look through a deep-sea animal’s eyes, and find out how many kids it takes to be the size of a giant squid. 

Here are some excellent ways you can celebrate some slime time!



*Defying Dissolution: North Pacific Deep-Sea Scleractinian Reefs in Undersaturated Water funded by NSF # OCE-1851378