Finally good news in 2021: Hagfish Day is here

While many are counting down the minutes to 2021, WhaleTimes’ wants you to stop for a moment and celebrate  the beauty of uglyHagfish Day!

Why hagfish? Why not? That slime, those knots, that face! Hagfish represent all the wonderful, amazing, unusual, and beautiful things about the ocean.  While we’re turning ourselves in knots metaphorically, they literally tie themselves in knots. While you’re thinking, I can’t believe they just said literally, hagfish could care less and oozed out another bucket of slime.

Hagfish Day celebrates the beauty of ugly to give us a laugh and remind everyone that the ocean is in trouble. While the popular animals, like dolphins, penguins, and clownfish get a lot of attention, the ocean is filled with bizarre beauties that need our attention. Things like spewing shrimp,  fantastic fish, and some we just say, “Goodness gracious what in the world is that?” (Heteropods, you know who you are). 

On a serious note, WhaleTimes created Hagfish Day because human caused problems such as overfishing, pollution, and habitat destruction touch the lives of every animal in the ocean.  ALL of us are part of the problem. So let’s have a good laugh, enjoy some slime time, and then be sure to figure out ways to become part of the solution to protect the hagfish and all the cool animals in the sea.

Make some slime, share a Hagfish Day Bouquet and meet our Hagfish Day Stars:

Snot Bombs (Aka Upside-Down Jellyfish)

Melon-headed whales

Giant Frigatebird

Hawaiian Monk Seal

And of course the lovely hagfish

Meet other Hagfish Day Stars, experts, and have a good slime with some Hagfish Day activities