WhaleTimes visits Broward County Schools

Dr. Tamara Frank talk deep-sea DNA

Dr. Tamara Frank talks deep-sea DNA

Four days, 25 schools, 525 kids…and it was awesome!” said WhaleTimes Director, Ruth Musgrave. Deep-sea expert Dr. Tamara Frank (Nova Southeastern University)  and Musgrave spent the week in Broward County Florida visiting 1st to 6th grade classrooms as part of a National Science Foundation grant. “We had a blast using music to teach about DNA sequencing, secret light codes to introduce communication of bioluminescent animals, and what it’s like to see through a deep-sea animal’s eyes.” adds Musgrave.

The school visits, entitled, “Deep See in the Deep Sea” share the on-going research of Dr. Frank and Dr. Heather Bracken Grissom (Florida International University) who are studying the evolution of bioluminescence and light detection in deep-sea shrimp.

“We can’t wait to go back next year and meet more of the incredible kids from Broward County to share our latest discoveries.” said Tamara Frank

Special thanks to STEM teacher Michele Parsons who helped us coordinate the program and find such amazing schools and motivated students. 

Project funded through NSF Award No. 1556279
Kids see through the eyes of a deep-sea animal

Kids see through the eyes of a deep-sea animal