Celebrate Hagfish Day with bouquet of hagfish and more…

Hello Hagfish Day Fans!

We apologize for the paucity of Hagfish Day fun, animals and activities. As you may have read (if you went to the bottom of the first page) WhaleTimes was hacked at the end of September.

Since we had already planned to rebuild the site early next year, to celebrate our 20th anniversary (yea!), we chose to find the silver lining and decided to start rebuilding now.

At any rate, we still want you to celebrate the ‘beauty of ugly’ so here are some fun activities You must try making your own hagfish slime or perhaps make a gorgeous Hagfish Day Bouquet for a friend or even write a Hagfish Haiku, or make a Slime Time Crown and become Hagfish Day Royalty


enGrossed in Slime or It’s Not Funny Activity 
Slime Time Crown
Write Hagfish Haikus
Make a Hagfish Cootie Catcher (aka Fortune Tellers) and don’t forget to… Say it with a Hagfish Bouquet