Deep See in the Deep Sea workshops Broward County Schools





Florida here we come! How do deep-sea animals use light to communicate? What would it be like to look through the eyes of a deep-sea animal? How do ocean scientists use DNA to study deep-sea populations? Next week, K-6th grade students from Broward County School will find out! Dr. Tamara Frank, deep-sea explorer and professor at Nova Southeastern University and  WhaleTimes Director Ruth A. Musgrave will spend the week traveling to schools throughout Broward County Florida sharing Dr. Frank’s deep-sea research.

“This is our third year visiting the Broward County schools,” said Dr. Frank. “The kids and schools are amazing and we are looking forward to another exciting week.”

This program was funded NSF Award 1556279 entitled “Collaborative Research: The Evolution of Bioluminscence and Light Detection in Deep Sea Shrimp (Oplophoridae and Sergestidae)”


Kids see through the eyes of a deep-sea animal