Tusk, horn, or clam?

Hi Virtual Science Team,
ANIMAL #6 Tusk Shell Scaphopod Creep into the Deep 640 x 400Our Global Explorer ROV happened upon this We also saw what we think is a Scaphopod. This odd-looking creature is related to a clam, so it has a shell like a clam does. But it has this unusual cone shape.  Because it’s shaped like a tusk, it’s also called a tusk shell. Usually, they’re found buried in the sediment (dirt), with the narrow end up, but this little thing was moving along, dragging its huge shell behind it.  We never did figure out why it didn’t like the section of mud that it was already on. I guess that’s an advantage of having your home on your back. You can pick up and move if you don’t like the neighborhood!
Dr. Tamara Frank
Chief Scientist and Deep-Sea Explorer
Creep into the Deep Mission:
Bioluminescence and Vision on the Deep Seafloor 2015 Expedition, NOAA-OER